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Thanks to the people who tried Websela yesterday. I have no idea who you are, as I don’t keep emails at this point (I may never). The lowercase usernames worked, while the one with uppercase letters didn’t work  so well as a subdomain. That’s me, as I need to add layers of form input validation. Goran Krampe added loads of that kind of thing in SqueakMap and SqueakMap server, so I’ll be pilfering that  fine work soon.


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.14.37 PM

This is the big day, I guess. I have a prototype here and it’s flopping into life like a small frog that is probably still mostly tadpole.


The idea is simple: register to instantly create a website; and, then upload code from your desktop image to develop the site. You provide a username and email. The username becomes a subdomain of websela.com (i.e. redcar.websela.com ). An automatically generated link is provided to take you to your site.

Download the related development framework, make some changes, dirty a package, and then with the url, username and password (emailed to you) use Monticello to send code changes to the site. You are not sending code to a repository, but instead to a live image.

I have GreenNeon (my framework) up so far. I have Seaside working too. They both use WebClient, so I can use the same code for both. There is only so much I can do in a day, so I’ll add it in the next couple of days. Altitude next week. Then a user will be able to chose by radio button on the form, which framework they want to work with.

If by the time you get to it Websela is returning nothing but walkbacks and proxy errors, oh well. I need to some form validation too, so there’s lots of opportunity for things to go wrong. That’s OK. It’ll harden. I’ll learn every time it falls over.

On internet radio right now (io80s New Wave) Howard Jones is singing Things Can Only Get Better. Yes.



jqueryseaside jquerycode

I want to make JoeTheBox work in HTML5 Canvas and I think I’m partway. The usual HTML5 is long and tedious, as JavaScript can be. So I installed a JQuery library called JCanvas into an image of Seaside. This cuts down on the amount that needs to be written.

Lukas Renggli created a great deal of JQuery code in Seaside. I subclassed his JQPlugin class to create a new object, JCLine, for the JQueryInstance, which now has a method called #line.

JCBox is a subclass of Box with the main difference being it uses PenPointRecorder, which has the sole mission of reducing all motions to a Collection of Points. Feed those into the #options Dictionary of JQPlugin and you’re drawing boxes.

There are problems such as the strokeWidth: for each box can change, while the strokeStyle: cannot at the moment. C’est la.

I haven’t anything in a repository, but you can download the Seaside3.0.6 image here.  It’s in the JQCounterFunctionalTest. You get there Browse page>javascript>jquery> Counter.