HTML5 Canvas JoeTheBox for Seaside

Posted on: May 23, 2013

jqueryseaside jquerycode

I want to make JoeTheBox work in HTML5 Canvas and I think I’m partway. The usual HTML5 is long and tedious, as JavaScript can be. So I installed a JQuery library called JCanvas into an image of Seaside. This cuts down on the amount that needs to be written.

Lukas Renggli created a great deal of JQuery code in Seaside. I subclassed his JQPlugin class to create a new object, JCLine, for the JQueryInstance, which now has a method called #line.

JCBox is a subclass of Box with the main difference being it uses PenPointRecorder, which has the sole mission of reducing all motions to a Collection of Points. Feed those into the #options Dictionary of JQPlugin and you’re drawing boxes.

There are problems such as the strokeWidth: for each box can change, while the strokeStyle: cannot at the moment. C’est la.

I haven’t anything in a repository, but you can download the Seaside3.0.6 image here.  It’s in the JQCounterFunctionalTest. You get there Browse page>javascript>jquery> Counter.


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