The Squeak Wiki On Your Desktop

Posted on: June 14, 2013

The Squeak wiki can be a reference for you on your desktop. Download this image. Open the image and execute the two commands in the Workspace one at a time. Then go to localhost:8666. You’ll have the Squeak wiki in a browser on your desktop.

You may want to leave a few seconds after the first command, as the image has to suck in ten thousand files. I removed a few things to make the download smaller. It is ~50M and expands to ~350M. There is no Croquet book or Swiki book (i.e. the Swiki wiki). There are no images. Getting it out of the server was 3G.

If you want to take a new Squeak 4.4 and load in the ComSwiki, you can find the source on the Gemstone SqueakSource here. You’ll need to install Comanche. (I recommend the near latest, but not the latest version of Kom.)

The only real change I made to make the ComSwiki work in 4.4 was to copy #readOnlyFileNamed: into UnixFileDirectory. ComSwiki wants StandardFileStream in XmlSwikiStorage. UnixFileDirectory readOnlyFileNamed: ‘1.xml’ needs to produce a StandardFileStream and not MultiByteFileStream, which is what FileDirectory readOnlyFileNamed: will provide.

There are no tests for the ComSwiki. If it explodes on your desktop, perhaps you could say where.


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