Does Adele Goldberg really exist?

Posted on: June 26, 2013

I’ve always wondered about that question. I’ve been involved with Smalltalk for years and from time to time the pioneers all show up at an event or on a mailing list. I’ve never seen Adele Goldberg in conjunction with anything.

Then I was looking at some old episodes of Bits & Bytes, a TVO show from thirty years ago explaining how to use a personal computer. And there was Adele Goldberg explaining what a window was. Naturally, I decided to steal the clip.

I haven’t made any videos for a few years. I have 142 on YouTube totalling seven hours. I’m at it again to make some for Websela. I’ve got a new one here.  It has two versions of Adele Goldberg. One of her as herself. And, one as depicted by HBO in a movie called Pirates Of Silicon Valley (1999).

If it doesn’t run in your browser, let me know.


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